Boulder bass guitar cabinets

I once had the prestigious plan to start a small business called Boulder, building bass guitar cabinets. I built a few very nice prototypes that completely met my expectations, but later decided to not persue the business plan. I found out I would've had way too little time for such time consuming enterprises.

However, the prototypes are still here, in my personal possession, and for you to behold. The first unofficial Yellowstone prototypes (see elsewhere on this site) were built as hobby projects, but I considered them good enough to put them on the pricelist. The first official prototypes were the Blackstone 115M and the Blackstone 210T. The 115M has a 1x15+6 config and the 210T is a 2x10 with titanium horn driver. Made entirely out of high-grade 7-ply wood and glued together with heavy duty poly-urethane glue. The front is 1 inch thick and the speakers flanges are recessed into the front. Every panel is braced, giving maximum stability of the cabinet.

The 115M wood skeleton and its bass speaker:
Boulder 115M wood skeleton

And the finished cabinet (be it without the black finish and ball corners):
Boulder 115M

The 210T skeleton and one of its bass speakers:
Boulder 210T wood skeleton


And the finished cabinets:
Bass rig 2005

I've also been playing the two cabs together:
Playing Boulder cabs

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2012-04-24   Charlie

Cabs look good. How's the "deep" end? What drivers were you using? I'm 58 and would like to do the same thing. I can't stand working a job for my remaining years. I'm a musician and stuff like cab designs are always going through my head.

2012-05-05   shane

hi. ive recently built my own 15'' bass guitar sub(ported).
i learned many thing from a book aimed at such persuits but mainly PA building. It told me to pad out the inside with acoustic foam to stop standing waves so thats as far as ive got. all i need now is the celestion driver and the grill to go on and im finnished. however i just bought a ashdown ABM 4x10 to go with it and out of curiosity i looked inside. there was no acoustic foam? do i need this? should i remove it?


2013-02-22   Brian

Hey, so i see your playing a 5 string through that setup, how does the low end register? is it audible? i like your idea with using the road case hardware for the cab.

2013-02-22   Admin

The 15" cab gives useful output on a low B, but it's not a subwoofer. The cab was designed to give high efficiency and adequate depth. Meaning it's insanely loud and sounds just right. It rocks on a 5 string (actually I play 4, 5 and 6 strings), and maybe not as deep as an Acme "Low" cab, but it does rumble the earth.

2016-06-04   Steve

Lovethe idea of using a flight case as the basis for a cab. BRILLIANT direct approach to solving different different challenges in one go!

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