Welcome to the world of Fuzzcraft.com! This website is a log of many of the DIY projects I did over the course of over 15 years. I'm a photographer, I used to be a performing musician, and I also did some light effect projects. I also write reviews for some gadgets I buy. Use the sliding tabs on the right to view all the projects and articles. To the left are more general links and links to my other departments. Hopefully I will have inspired you to start building your own fuzzy project. Others have done so, so why not?


Ford logo

My new 2014 Ford Focus Wagon got a stereo upgrade.

Yelloweyes 10

The Yelloweye project rebooted. Now doing long term listening tests. These pods-on-a-stick were built out of PVC tubing, and feature coaxial drivers with Kevlar cones and Neodymium tweeters.


Photo gear flightcase #2: a mini case to protect a bare minimum camera kit for my many concert shoots.


The incredibly popular Fuzzcraft Flightcase DIY guide is still the most visited page on this website.

Most recent additions

Why I build stuff myself

Why? Because I can. Because it's fun. Because I'm a cheap-ass. Because I inherited it from my father. Because I have the unstoppable urge to create and build stuff you simply can't buy in a store. Because I like to make noise and dust with power tools. Because burning and melting stuff is awesome. Because it's exciting to start with nothing and end up with something useful. Because I like nothing more than educating myself. Because it keeps me occupied. Because it has helped me to get a job twice. Because I like a mind challenge once in a while.

Have fun (or pity me for my nerd streak smiley),



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