Hifi loudspeaker cabinets

Scala speakerA long time ago I did some hifi projects. These "Scala" speakers (left) were built from a ready-made plan. They used to be in a very large living room. We moved in June, 2004, and unfortunately, the cabinets didn't fit well into the interior. Besides, when our cat Jezebel was still a kitten, she did some damage to them and they need to be fixed anyway. Their working principle is called transmission line, the baffle configuration is M-T-M (mid-tweet-mid), they're 90 cm high. Bass from these speakers is very subdued, but extremely deep. Because of the M-T-M config, they have a pretty good radiation pattern, meaning the mids are very clear and focused from various listening angles, and never fuzzy or nasal, although Logo speaker I've never really driven them hard to do a quality listening test at high volume. The woofers are made by Monacor, type Monarch SPH-135/AD. They feature carbon reinforced polymere cones and what appears to be silicone surrounds. The tweeters are also made by Monacor, type Monarch DT-105TI. They have titanium domes, and sound very fresh and bright. The Scalas used to be powered by a Sony TA-FE320R, which in turn is hooked up to a Sony CDP-CX55, a 50-way CD-changer. Very common stereo equipment. I never cared much for top-of-the-market amplifiers or CD-players, because my knowledge of speakers tells me the speakers are always the weakest link in the whole chain. Some will disagree with me, but that's how I see it.

To the right is another speaker called "logo". Initially built form a plan, but heavily modified later. I used to have these small 28 cm bookshelf speakers for a long time in my bedroom back in my parents' house. Then they served as monitor speakers for my computer for a while, to be replaced by Behringer B2031 active monitors. And now, they're in our living room. The 4" woofers are Visaton W100S midbass drivers, the tweeters are Monarch DT-106 soft domes. I've grown to dislike them. They sound cold and brittle, probably due to a sensitivity mismatch between midbass driver and tweeter and/or a badly configured crossover. All my own fault, I know. Plans have been made to replace them.


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