More stuff

There's more stuff I built. These are projects that either:

  • I don't have pictures of, or
  • don't know anything interesting to tell about, or
  • were sold, or
  • don't exist anymore
  • were uhmmmm... "damaged" smiley

Here it goes:

  • Numerous AC adaptors, power supplies and battery chargers
  • A regulated laboratory power supply with voltage presets and all kinds of adjustable parameters, case now hold this flash
  • A 3 stepper motor controller card for use with a PC printer port
  • Another stepper motor controller to power the volume knob of an amplifier
  • A 4-bit grayscale flatbed scanner, made out of an old dot matrix printer (RIP)
  • A PC sound interface (printer port D/A-converter)
  • Speaker cabs: a wedge monitor, a few subwoofers, car speakers, numerous hifi cabs
  • 2 guitar combos, one of them with a detachable stereo amplifier
  • An analog delay unit for guitar (was lost) and a wah-wah rocker pedal
  • 2 moped scooter alarm units (sold with good profit)
  • An extension RAM-cartridge for the Commodore 64
  • A sound expansion for the Commodore 64 (a 2nd SID sound chip, making it full-stereo)
  • A detachable panel to control all kinds of leds and lights in my bicycle when I was 10


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