Timex Datalink USB

Timex Ironman Datalink USBThis is a resource page with information and links concerning the Timex Ironman Data Link USB wrist watch. This watch is nothing short of a wrist PDA, while still being a functional and inobtrusive wrist watch. No, it doesn't run Palm OS or Windows Mobile. Not even close, but it does run custom applications called "wristapps". Some come with the watch, factory installed, Timex has a few that you can download, and there are other places you can obtain applications. Timex even supplies a developer kit, with which you can write your own wristapps if you're tech savvy enough. It runs up to 2 years on a single $1 battery, and keeps addresses, phone numbers, passwords, workout schedules, e-mail, appointments, events, weather forecasts, stock information, notes, tidal info, etc. etc. In fact, anything that fits the display. The better part of the very contrasty screen consists of a 42 x 11 dot matrix making for a total of 3 lines of 8 characters of text or the bottom 2/3rds displaying graphics or large digits. The watch is synchronized with the PC though a USB cable, which takes less than a minute. For this to work, it has 32 kB of internal memory. This doesn't seem like a lot, with todays gigabyte sized flash drives and all, but for storing wristapps and text data only, it's actually quite a lot.

The watch comes in two case styles: dress and sports. Each have different strap and color options. The sports style models come with a resin, velcro or metal link strap, while the dress style models come with a black leather strap or stainless steel expansion band. All datalink watches have a metal front trim, but plastic cases and plastic watch crystals, unfortunately. I've read many complaints about this from people who love this watch as much as I do. To make matters worse, the 53722 and 5C291 models have rather weak straps as well. I have owned a 53722 since 2004 but the resin strap broke after about a year and a half. I managed to repair it with super glue, but it kept breaking, at different places every time. I haven't been able to obtain a new strap, as it is a specially made one. After I got tired of the super glue, I just got the 5B111 model, which has the most amount of metal of all five styles, and supports normal replacement straps, should it ever break. Still, the watch crystal is made of plastic, and it has had scratches on it almost from day one, despite my every effort to prevent just that. Then again, I wear the watch during work, so I should probably just blame myself. In the end I spent 2 hours cutting a polyurethane screen protector to exactly fit in the bezel and it's been scratch free ever since.

53722 53722 - Sports style, silver case with silver trim ring and black resin strap. This was my first Datalink.
53964 53964 - Sports style, black case with silver trim ring and black velcro strap
5C291 5C291 - Sports style, silver case with black trim ring and silver/black metal/resin strap
5B112 5B112 - Dress style, black case with stainless steel trim and black leather strap
5B111 5B111 - The most luxurious of the Datalink models, black case with stainless steel trim and stainless steel expansion bracelet. This is my second Datalink.



These are some numeric fonts for My Watch that I designed. You can download them, and install them using the My Watch applet. In the end, I settled on the "Neutral" one, as you might have guessed already from the topmost photo. Too bad you can only pick one font at a time.

Neutral Timex datalink font

Elegant Timex datalink font

Overweight Timex datalink font

Cut Up
Cut up Timex datalink font

Fat 10px
Fat 10px Timex datalink font

Retrofuture Timex datalink font

Fats And Small
Fats And Small Timex datalink font

Robots Timex datalink font

Sticks Timex datalink font


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