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30 Jul 2015: I decided to remove the sponsoring ads. The income I received from them in the past years will be enough to cover the hosting bill for a very long time.
2 May 2015: I finished the Focus car stereo.
14 Jan 2015: I bought a new car and started work on car stereo 3: 2014 Ford Focus Wagon.
3 Jan 2015: Updates to the Logitech G700s gaming mouse review.
31 Dec 2014: I bought a new mouse: a Logitech G700s, and wrote a review about it: Logitech G700s gaming mouse review.
I've hidden all site updates from before 2011.
17 Jul 2014: All sort of previously unlogged updates to the Achromats list, the About me page, the Dinaf projects page, and some other minor edits.
24 Mar 2013: Updated the Achromats list.
Updated the comment system. You won't notice anything, except the wider textbox.
17 Mar 2013: Wrote a review of an unusual, but versatile camera bag: the Lowepro Passport Sling bag.
10 Jan 2013: More work on the Yellow Eyes project: the external crossover.

The Facebook like and share buttons were giving me a headache. I deleted them. Once I've sorted out what was causing the trouble, I'll put them back.
30 Dec 2012: More work on the Yellow Eyes project. Enclosures or coming along nicely.

I had a mishap on the flightcase DIY page. A crucial part of the page was missing. I'm sorry about that; I deleted a macro that I thought wasn't being used anymore.
4 Dec 2012: Did some work on the Yellow Eyes project. Now building the enclosures.
16 Jun 2012: Added a page about our new home theater setup.
14 Feb 2012: Updated the feature comparison between the Sony Alpha SLT A65 and the A77 that I put up last month.
4 Feb 2012: Light editing on photo gear flightcase page.

Light editing on flightcase DIY page.
9 Dec 2011: Finished my second photo gear flightcase.
1 Dec 2011: Started working on a second photo gear flightcase.
21 Jun 2011: Updated the Sony Alpha NEX-5 review to reflect firmware version v.04.

Added a separate contact page, accessible from the left column.
19 Jun 2011: Light editing and additions to ringlight pages Ring light 4.0 and Ring light 4.1
10 May 2011: Added a review of the Sony MDR-EX57LP earbuds.
25 Apr 2011: Launched version 1.0 of the new comment system, allowing comments on every single page. Still tweaking.
23 Apr 2011: Removed the comments, due to a decreased number of posts, down to just a few a year.
2 Apr 2011: Removed the old and outdated "laser projector" pages.
29 Mar 2011: Picked up the old Yellow Eyes project where I left it, with a twist: it's going to be a coaxial system.
26 Mar 2011: Added a separate page about the photo gear flightcase I built.
13 Mar 2011: Added a separate review of the Sony LA-EA1 NEX A-mount adapter.
7 Mar 2011: Yet more work on the flightcase DIY page.
27 Feb 2011: More work on the flightcase DIY page.
31 Jan 2011: Reworked the flightcase DIY page.

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