Small bass guitar rig

I built this cabinet as a very small, portable solution for private gigs at people's homes and "unplugged" sessions. It's small, but nevertheless powerful: 600W peak. The bass from this cab isn't as earth-shaking as the Yellowstones, but for a cab this size, it's about as good as it gets. It's also fitted as a vocal monitor, thanks to the extremely bright sound. The speakers, as well as the horn, are completely flush mount. Our cat Gizmo couldn't resist posing for this photo. As with all cats, they look for warm places. The monoblock amp had just been on for a while, and it gets nice and warm (tech talk: on stand-by the amp runs warm, because of the almost-class A configuration of the output section).

Small rig

Dimensions Outside height
Outside width
Outside depth

Inside height
Inside width
Inside depth

Inner volume
425 mm
305 mm
450 mm

384 mm
264 mm
400 mm

40 liters
Ports Number
Inside diameter
57 mm
100 mm
Acoustical Frequency range
Max. SPL
70 Hz - 17 kHz
99 dB (1W 1m)
124 dB (1m)
Electrical Continuous input power
Peak input power
300 W
600 W
4 Ohms
XLR in, XLR parallel out
Drivers Bass/mid
2x Monacor SP8/150PA
1x Monacor MHD-110/RD
Finish Surface
Plastic stacking type

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